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Aug. 31st, 2006 @ 09:51 pm CHAPTER ONE: Caught in The Bermuda Triangle
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CHAPTER ONE: Caught in The Bermuda Triangle

Haldir: The storm had started suddenly, with no warning. In just a few minutes the peaceful sailtrip had become a fight for life or death. The very last ship to leave the Grey Havens tossed and rolled in the huge waves while Celeborn, Elrohir, Elladan and Thranduil all crawled down under deck. Rumil, Orophin and Haldir remained on deck for just a while yet, struggling to secure all the crates that were stored along the side. Celeborn had insisted they should bring the entire contents of Elrond's library, and Haldir struggled with the rope, trying to tie up the last crate. Rumil and Orophin scuttled down under deck and Haldir was almost ready to go after them, when an enormous wave towered over the ship and crashed down on then with incredible force. Haldir cried out, but his mouth got filled with water, and all he could think of was to hold on to the crate with all his strength as he was tossed around. When his head finally came up from the water again, Haldir was shocked to find that he was no longer on the ship - he was floating in the water, still clutching the huge crate, and the white sail of their swan ship was rapidly dissappearing in the horizon, between huge waves. Another huge wave washed over Haldir, causing him to swallow a lot of water. He felt like drowing, but managed to tie the loose end of the rope around his waist so he would not fall off the crate. Haldir struggled to get his head above the water, but more waves washed over him, and he quickly lost conscience.

When Haldir finally woke up, the storm was over. He was floating on top of the huge library crate, still tied securely to it with the rope. Moaning softly, Haldir lifted his head and looked around him. The swan ship was nowhere to be seen, and everything felt so strange, like if he was in a totally different place. The sun was brighter and warmer, the air smelled differently, and even the sea had a different colour. "Oh no," the exhausted elf groaned to himself, "where am I? Am I all alone?" Exhausted, he laid his head carefully down on his arms again... it hurt terribly, and he remembered having been banged repeadetly against the crate as he was tossed about in the waves. His tongue felt as dry as a piece of rubber and the sun was blazing hot... he needed water, and fast. But what could he do? In the end, he dozed off again.

Jack *The morning for Jack had been rather typical. He's slept late, taken a Barque loaded with spice and rum.. of which he then had sampled quite freely.. and taken a nap. The sea was calm today, after a rough night of high waves and unnatural wind that had nearly cost him a man or two. He had all his canvas up, catching what little wind there was as the tropical sun beat down. The sails offered some protection from the glare, but not much. Suddenly there was a call from the mizzen mast and Jack looked out over the water. Something in the water.. or someone. Jack grimaced.. his golden teeth catching the sun. *

Navy? No one else should be out this far!

* The call came back.. whoever it was, was not wearing the colors of the royal navy. Jack signed and motioned for the ship to come about and make for the hapless floater.*

Haldir: Haldir was drifting in and out of consciousness under the hot sun. His face and clothes were white rimmed of dried salt, his lips were sore and bleeding, and his tongue glued to the roof of his mouth. Suddenly he thought he heard some unusual sounds, and struggled to open an eye - but his eyelashes were stuck together with thick chrystals of dried salt, and he could see nothing but a shadow looming over him, blocking the sun. He tried to speak, but his lips wouldn't open...

Jack *Jack stood on the deck, his faded blue coat loose on his shoulders as he watched his men lower a long boat and row to the floating figure. Even in the brilliant sun, it was hard to make out exactly what race or breed the sailor was. He was pale. Paler than any Jack had seen. Dutch perhaps.. He moved to the rail and tugged on his beard. His first mate was reaching for the lad now.. cutting him loose from the cargo box. He was tall. Jack could see that now too. Probably a good head taller than he was himself. * Interesting.. Bring em up, boys!

Haldir: *Haldir felt hands on him and heard voices... somebody were cutting him loose. Once again, he tried to say something, but all he could manage was a low moan of pain as his aching body was lifted up. He was still not able to open his eyes, but could tell by the gruffness of the voices around him, that these were men, not elves. Fear knotted in his stomach, but he was too weak to put up a fight, or move at all for that matter. Something bumped into his head again, not too hard, but enough to cause him lose conscience again.*

Jack *They had him in the boat now as well as the crate. Jack had almost left it, but it might be the only source of information if the young sailor had lost his memory in the waves and sun. The lad was hauled onto the deck and dropped to the wood planks. Jack knelt by him, feeling for a pulse at his throat. It was there, though faint. Rolling the blonde over, the pirate captain's dark kohled eyes narrowed. The lad's clthes were like nothing he'd ever seen. * Tis a wonder 'e didn't sink to the dregs with all that leather. Take the crate down to my cabin. * He watched his crew carry the wooden box away and turned back to the one at his feet. They were alone for the moment. * Well now, I dont right know who you are, but with a face fair as that, I'll be thinkin someone will miss ye. And if not randsom, you'll make a decent slavers fee. * So far the other seemed unconcious and when one of Jack's crew returned, he motioned for him to help carry the lad down to a bunk below.*

Haldir: *Faintly, Haldir felt he was dropped to the ground, and groaned softly as pain shot through his battered body. He could not make out what the voices around him were saying, but sensed a lot of activity going on around him, and that somebody rolled him over on his back. As he again was fading into unconsciousness, he suddenly heard a voice close to his ear, loud and clear, speaking in common. The last he heard was something about a ransom, or to be sold as a slave, and fear almost suffocated him as he faded into darkness once again.

Jack * Hours had passed since they brought the youth on board. He'd been looked over by the ships physician and given water..which had been a battle. When the doc was sure he wouldnt die from dehydration, he'd left a canteen of clean, cool water and told Jack to make sure the lad had it the moment he woke. Jack nodded absentmindely and waved him off. The doctor rolled his eyes and closed the door, leaving Jack to sit along side the bed, staring at the new recruit. There was something strange.. but Jack just couldnt put his finger on it. He moved closer. Then he moved so that he was sitting on the bed along side the youth. * No one has silver hair at yer age, lad. I don't care how much sun he's had. *Grubby fingers brushed the silver locks gently.. they were like silk. *

Haldir: *Something was brushing his cheeks... and Haldir stirred. The first thing he noticed was that he could breathe easier, and that his mouth didn't feel so dry. His eyelids fluttered, and since all the salt covering them had been washed off, they opened to reveal clear, cornflower blue eyes. For a moment Haldir just stared at the ceiling while his eyes slowly adjusted to the faint light... then he focused on the person who was leaning over him. Black hair with long, thin braids decorated with pearls... dark eyes rimmed with black paint in a way he had never seen before. Didn't the Easterlings look like this? Was he caught by the cruel Eastrlings who werw known to trade in slaves? For a minute Haldir just stared at the man with a combination of shock and fear in his face, while his brain worked on high gear, trying to find a way to flee.*

Jack *The eyes opened just as Jack was leaning over him and he jerked up a bit, eyes going wide.* Ah.. you're awake then? *Tilting his head to an angle, Jack gives the lad a strange look. He grins then, fingers tapping at the hilt of his pistol a bit nervously.* What's ye name lad?

Haldir: *What his name was? There was no way he was going to tell these Easterlings his name, nor let them gain any kind of hold on him. They were known as slavers and bandits, and probably strong in magic too. Who knew what a conjurer could do if he knew his true name...
Haldir still felt dizzy after his his long unconsciousness, but the flame of resistance burned strongly in him. Wide-eyed he stared at the strangely clad man by his bed, holding his eyes with a defiant glare while he tried to scoot further up in the bed, managing to move up in a half-sitting position against the wall before his head began to spin again. There was no way he could escape just yet, so he would have to bide his time.*
Who are you? *he demanded in Elvish, refusing to show any sign of understanding the young, dark-haired Easterling's strange Common.*

Jack *The youth scrambled back from him so fast that Jack pulled away as well, reaching to his side for his pistol just in case the other was about to attack. Words in some strange language poured out of the pale sailor and Jack's face twisted.* I've been to islands from here to Haiti lad, never heard that garble your speaking. Ye must be from the East, aye? Fiji maybe? * His eyes lit up at the thought of that place, memories that only Jack could see dancing around in his head. He snapped out of it momentarily and gave the elf a grin and struck out his hand in a friendly shake.* Name's Jack Sparrow. Captain Sparrow, if ye mind. Heard of me, maybe?

Haldir: *The man seemed friendly, and not at all threatening like Haldir had expected. Jack Sparrow? That did not sound like an Easterling name, more like what he could expect to find among people in Bree. The most confusing was still that this Sparrow seemed to think Haldir came from the East... east of where? He had never heard the names of the places the man mentioned, but an Easterling would certainly know that no elves lived in the East... not east of them, anyway. Haldir shook his head slowly in confusion, meeting Jack's open gaze. Maybe this man was no Easterling after all, despite his odd looks. Hesitatingly, Haldir regarded the hand reached out to him, and the friendly smile - and reluctantly, he decided to take it. It would be better to seem friendly anyway, as long as he was trapped here in their ship. *Haldir,* he said simply, giving the hand a quick shake.*

Jack Haldir! Ah so you DO understand. Well, that's a relief. * Jack caught the hand as it slipped into his and gave it a few more firm shakes than Haldir was sure to be happy with. When he was done shaking, he still held onto the hand, turning it over and examining the palm.* Ye not really a sailor, are ye? Your hands are too smooth. Even too smooth for the navy brats that they send after me. * Looking up, he takes a piece of the still wet silver hair in his fingers, giving it a small tug.* And this ain't no wig.. Where the devil are ye from then? Others are likely to think your some sort of demon and to be fair, Im not so sure you aren't, myself.

Haldir: *Haldir withdrew his hand as soon as he could wrestle it out of Jack's firm grip, instantly regretting that he had revealed his understanding of Common. The man was much smarter than he felt comfortable with, and not at all like those stupid farmers and fishermen that lived around the coast and the Shire area. He rubbed his hands against his shirt, feeling uncomfortable by the close examination and gasped in surprise when he realized his wet tunic and cloak was gone, and instead he was dressed in a wide-sleeved, white shirt, open over the chest, much like the shirt Jack was wearing.
He gasped again a moment later, when the man suddenly reached out to tug on his hair and called him a demon. That was too much! Haldir's eyes narrowed, and in a lightning swift movement he reached out to grab one of Jack's beaded braids, tugging firmly back.*
Jack *Jack's eyes flew open and he slapped the hand that was currently causing him quite a bit of pain. Rubbing his chin, he gave Haldir the look of someone who had just been bitten by a rattlesnake.* Bit touchy then, are ye..You're not in much position to be fighting lad. Doc says you swallowed half the sea before we pulled ye from it. *Rising from the bed, Jack went to the other side of the room, opened a leather encased bottle and poured himself and his guest a bit of rum. He crossed back across the floor and held it out for Haldir to take.*

Haldir: *Haldir pulled his slapped hand back quickly and gathered his flowing locks behind his head to keep them out of Jack's reach.* Don't touch my hair again, *he said in Elvish, giving Jack what he hoped was one of his most arrogant Marchwarden looks and crawling even further into the corner in an attempt of regaining some personal space. It was true, as the man said, that he was in no position to fight, but he would still try to keep his elven dignity and pride as long as possible, and refused to talk to him in common. When reminded of his intake of salt water, Haldir was also reminded of how thirsty he felt, and reached out for the glass he was given. However, he was greatly disappointed when the fluid didn't smell like water or any other drink that he knew. Instead it had a strong - and to Haldir - unpleasant smell. Hesitatingly he took a small sip and immediately jerked back, his tongue burning from the strong drink, and he pulled a face of utter disgust.* EWWW!

Jack *Jack could see that the goblet of rum was about to be dropped and he lunged foreward to protect the precious drink. Sighing, he put the rum aside and reached for the more acceptable pitcher of water (which had been left by the ships doctor in the first place.) Pouring it, he placed it on the side table on a bit of corking that held things in place under the rolling of the ship. * There you go again with that gibberish. You've got a haughty tone though, lad. And from the look of ye, your no peasent. Some prince then? Or lord of your island?

Haldir: *Haldir said nothing at first, but grabbed the water, emptying the cup in large gulps. While drinking, his mind was working rapidly. Was it really possible that the man had not yet noticed he was an elf? His pointy ears had been clearly visible when he pulled his hair... the man would HAVE to have seen them...so why did he act like he did not know what an elf was? Was that why he had called him a demon? What kind of person was Jack Sparrow, and where were they? With a sigh, he realized that they would get nowhere unless he agreed to communicate a little more. Taking the empty glass from his lips and holding it out to Jack, wanting more water, he met the man's eyes and reluctantly said his first sentence in Common.* Not an island... from Lothlorien.

Jack *Jack took the glass slowly, eyeing the stranger and filled it again with water. Everything about the young creature was so strange.* Demons that nearly drown and drink water from Loth.. Loth.. Lothlolin. Very interesting. Where is this.. place? * Jack's mind started whirling.*

Haldir: I'm not a demon! *Haldir bristled and took the glass again, emptying it slower this time. Finally, his thirst was quenched for now, and he put the glass down on the table, eyeing Jack suspiciously.* Lothlorien. A huge forest.

Jack Ye not a demon, but yer skin is pale as cream even after being in the sun for at least hours.. and your hair is as spun silver, yet ye look no older than a cabinboy.. And your ears! I've seen a good fair share of odd things lad, but no mortal man has ears like that. * Jack kept his fingers close to his pistol, just incase calling the beast's bluff made it angry.*

Haldir: *Haldir felt chills of fear moving down his spine at Jack's words. It was obvious he did not know what an elf was and had never heard of Lothlorien, but the way he indicated that Haldir was not human, told him he might be in danger still. He noticed the man's movement to the strange shaped thing in his belt, and assumed it was a kind of weapon. The adrenaline began pumping through the Elf's veins and his eyes flickered, searching for an escape route if it should be necessary. How could he stop the potentially dangerous situation from escalating?* I was born this way. Cannot help it, *he said, tentatively.*

Jack *The lack of explosive response and rather cultured roll of tongue that Haldir gave, put Jack more at ease and his hand hesitated a moment, but slowly left the pistol. He stroked his bearded chin.* The doctor and I are the only ones that be knowing ye as a non-human. I won't be telling the crew. Not yet, at least. They might not let curiousity stay their hand as I have. Doctor will keep his mouth closed.. he knows tis a bad thing to cross me. * Jack took a bit of bread and cheese from a plate that was left on the side table and offered it to Haldir.* If you drink.. you must eat. Hungry?

Haldir: You have never seen... one like me before? *Haldir allowed himself to be more curious now that the immediate danger seemed less threatening.* All my people look like this... we live in the wood. *He took the bread, and after sniffing it to assure himself it did not taste as strange as the drink, he took a bite and nodded approvingly.* Where are you from? *he asked, needing to assure himself there were no Easterlings about.* Do you come from the East?

Jack Your people, eh? Nay.. I've never seen another like ye and I have travelled the seas since I was a small lad. I've met natives from every island I've ever been to. Never seen anything like you before. * Jack lightly rubs his thumb back and forth over his lip, thinking. He wasnt sure who this lad was working for or if telling him who he really was would be wise.* North.. originally. Far north of here. But now Im from everywhere because I am everywhere. This ship is my home.

Haldir: No wonder you have never seen my people. I'm not from any island, I live far from the sea, in the deep forest far into the mainland, past the Misty Mountains, *Haldir explained patiently. He figured it would make no difference if he explained the approximate whereabouts of Lothlorien, since it had been desolate and barren since Lord Celeborn and the last of the Marchwardens had moved to Imladris after Arwen's death.*
Jack Ahh.. Yer Welsh then! The mountains there are misty. You are a long way from home, lad. What were ye doing out on the sea floating around like a bit of driftwood on the tide?

Haldir: *Welsh? Haldir didn't know that name either, but still nodded, assuming it would be easier for Jack to accept him if he could place him someplace that was known to the man. It began to dawn on Haldir that he really had to be very far from any country he knew, but at least he had not ended up with any Easterlings. They would have known he was an elf immediately.* I... fell off my ship during the storm.

Jack *The captain's eyes softened and he nodded.* aye.. I figured that part out meself, luv. That was one hellva storm we had last night. I'm betting a good fair many ships were lost too. Where were ye heading? Maybe if the Pearl and I are pointed the same way, we can bring you to your destination. *He almost added 'for a fee' but decided for now, he would play the nice guy.*

Haldir: No... you cannot... *Haldir shook his head, suddenly feeling a pang of grief as he realized he probably had no way of reaching Valinor by himself. Men and their ships were not able to pass the void into the west, and Haldir was unlikely to meet any ship-building elves any time soon. But he could not tell Jack about this - Men were not supposed to know.* I dont know where we were going... I was simply following my Lord, *he said finally.* The destination was ... not known to me.

Jack *The sadness in Haldir's eyes was something that Jack could read. He saw the pain there.. pain of something lost forever.. and he lowered his own eyes, unable to bare it. He spoke again, low and soft.* Ye not the first.. nor the last.. to lose his way, lad. The pain ye feel will never fully go, but it will lessen and ye will find other things to make you whole. Try not ta think on it too hard.. Nothin more can be done. * He flashed a smile, though it was obvious Jack had his own mysteries and pain. He was old for a pirate and had a look of wisdom in his eyes when they were not dancing mad. It was the sort of spark that made some wonder just how crazy Jack really was.. or if it was all just an act.* For what its worth, I am in need of a strong back and good eyes and I'd be willin to pay ye like the rest of the crew if ye serve me well.

Haldir: *For a moment, Haldir saw a flash of the same pain in Jack's eyes, and recognized it. It was like a thread of sympathy was spun between them in that moment, the recognition of a mutual grief, and Haldir understood that the words Jack spoke, were born from his own experiences. Silently, the Elf gazed into the Pirate's eyes and knew that in spite of their differences, this Man might become a friend. For the first time since he woke up, a smile slowly spread over Haldir's face, reaching his eyes.* I am not an experienced sailor, but I will do my best. My eyes can see farther than most, captain.

Jack *Jack wandered to his desk and pulled out an old leatherbound book. He opened it, flipped a few pages and dipped his quill into ink. * Haldir of Lothlorien..taken on board the Pearl.. and given the duty of lookout. *He then brought the book over to Haldir and handed him the quill.* Do ye know how to write your name? Sign the book if you can.. or just x it if you cannot. Just a record of who we take on board.

Haldir: *Haldir's eyes ran over the entry. He could read the flourished writing with some difficulty, but did not want to reveal that he could. Instead, he took the quill and signed his name in Elvish.* How about the crate I was floating on? *he asked, looking up at Jack as he gave the quill back.* Do you know what happened to it?

Jack Aye... it was recovered as well. It's below, awaiting my inspection. Figured since you were the breathing one, you're well being demanded my attention first. * Jack looked down at the writing. It was elegant and alien.* Haldir.. what were you in this land of yours?

Haldir: The crate... belongs to my Lord. It should be in my care. *Haldir gave Jack an intense look, not liking the thought of any Man opening it.* I was my Lord's guardian, a warrior and an archer. It is my duty to look after his belongings.

Jack *Jack looked as if he would balk at that. Any man who joined the rank on the Pearl was subject to the captain's desire. If Jack wanted to look into the box, he would. But he could see how important the possession was to the other and grunted. * I need to know what's within the crate lad, but no one else needs to know. And.. even though technically, the box belongs to me now, seeins how I could have let the thing sink.. * He paused, debating on his wisdom tonight.* The rules also allow for each man to have one box of belongings to keep at his side that none other may touch. Ye came aboard with nothing else. The box is yours. Keep it locked when you're away from it. And.. I still must know the contents.

Haldir: *Haldir listened to the man with a thoughtful look on his face. Jack showed a wisdom and understanding he had not expected, and the Elf understood that the captain was making an exception for him. He did not doubt that Jack would have had no second thoughts about breaking the crate open by rights of his rank, if he had not asked him not to - and the man did not have to allow Haldir to keep it - but he did. If Jack was making sacrifices, Haldir could do the same - it was a question of honour. He nodded to show Jack that he agreed to the deal* I will let you look in the box - if you let me open it first. We will both be in the room.

Jack *Jack's dark eyes looked away fleetingly, as if consulting with the ship itself. Lips pursed, he turned back with a decisive nod and stuck out his hand again.* An accord then...*Haldir didnt move.. Jack looked at his own hand. It was dirty, but he saw nothing wrong with it.* Ye shake it man. It means we have a deal, savvy?

Haldir: *Haldir hesitated for a moment. He had no idea what would actually be in the crate. All he knew was that when Lord Celeborn and the last of the Galadrim left Lothlorien to stay in Imladris with Elladan and Elrohir, they had brought everything of value with them from Lothlorien. Crate upon crate with valuable books, historical weapons, armours, banners and everything else Celeborn had collected during his reign. Most of the crates had remained unopened during their stay in Imladris, and when they had finally decided to sail west, they had added the remnants of Elrond's library and collections to the Lorien crates. All Haldir knew was that this particular crate was one of the original Lorien ones, which had never been opened. He was worried about what Jack would see, but at the same time excited to know what memorabila he would retain from his former life. Finally, he stretched his hand out to Jack, and shook his hand,*

Jack *Jack beamed. His own shake was firm and warm. * I'll have the box brought up from the hold then and ye can open it when you have the strength. It's best you rest a bit more lad. The sea can take alot of of a man.. more than he might feel. The others have no idea of your origins and we are going to keep it that way..so you'll be needin a hat or to wear yer hair down n'cover those points a yers. *Chewing his lip, he reached out again and lightly touched one point, letting his finger move down its rim.* What.. do they call ya people, mate?

Haldir: I am grateful, *Haldir replied truthfully. Despite his deep distrust for humans, there was something disarming about this rogue-looking man with the braided beard and the black paint around his eyes. He still did not allow himself to trust him fully, but he had the feeling Jack might keep his word regarding the crate. Wearing a hat over his hair was a totally different matter.* I do not want anything covering my hair - I prefer to have it hanging loose. I'd rather braid it so that it hides... *Just then Jack reached out to touch the tip of his ear and brushed his finger along it softly, and Haldir involuntarily shuddered. His ears were so very sensitive, that any touch would send an electric jolt through his body, regardless of the situation. That happened now too, and Haldir involuntarily gasped, pulling his head away from the questing fingers. *Do not touch me, *he said quickly, his voice a little more high pitched than usual.* An Elf's ears are not to be touched!

Jack * Jack froze.. his black painted eyes wide in surprise... his fingers moved a little..wiggling a bit before dropping down to the bed. He cocked his head, regarding the elf with a steady gleam.* Why? What just happened, mate? *His golden tooth caught the light as it came through the warped glass of the cabin.*

Haldir: *Haldir scooted back on the bed again, as far into the corner as he could get, his arms folded protectively over his chest with his fists clenched, ready to defend himself. He was embarrassed over his own reaction and certainly did not want the man to find out his weakness.* Do not touch me again, *he said stubbornly, staring at the strange golden tooth.* My ears are private. No Man is allowed to touch an Elf, anyway.

Jack Your ears are... private? * Jack's brow lifted up into the red bandana he wore and he inched closer, finding this tidbit of information extremely interesting.* Private.. like sexually private?
Haldir: *Haldir looked like he was ready to leap out of bed, but his defensive stance was that of a warrior.* Daro! Stop! *He reverted to elvish again, refusing to say anything more than he already had.* Leave me alone, or you will be sorry!

Jack *Jack paused. The elf was serious about this threat, that much was easy to see.. so the pirate captain backed off. He'd just gotten Haldir to trust him.. last thing he needed was to break that. There would be time.. and rum.. to discover that secret more fully. Haldir was.. though Jack had not really allowed himself to think it till now.. a very beautiful creature. He wondered what other surprises awaited.. and he would find out.. in time.* alright then.. rest. I need to set the course for the next few hours. When ye wake, I'll have dinner taken to the cabin and dine with you.

Haldir: *Haldir still did not trust Jack again, and kept his fists clenched.* What about my crate? How can I know you will not open it while I sleep? *He had seen the hungry look that gleamed in the Man's eyes for just a moment, and recognized it, having seen the same lusty stare from Men before, when they looked at elves.* And how can I be safe? *he asked softly.* I am not a toy - not to anybody. You do well to remember that.

Jack You'll just have to put trust in ole Jack then, won't ya?* He grinned again, leaving the bedside and pulling on his captain's coat. It was a faded blue, to almost grey from salt and sun. He dropped his hat onto his head and looked back toward the elf. * So long as ye stay in this room.. You're safe. My men know better than to go snooping in my things. However.. if you should leave it, without my guard, I cannot promise to get to ye before someone tries to take a bite. In time, they'll welcome ye as one of their own. But ye gotta earn it lad. The laws of the sea are cruel.

Haldir: *Haldir's eyes narrowed by Jack's words, but he knew the man was right. Too many elves had been attacked or raped by men, for Haldir to ignore the danger. For now, he would be safe as long as he stayed in the captain's cabin - but he disliked being dependent of the captain and the complications that would eventually bring. Would he have to chose between being the captains private pet, or the toy of the entire crew? If all these men had been out to sea so long, without access to any females to get rid of their sexual energy, Haldir knew they would not hesitate much before they would start hunting him. Humans often mistook male elves for being female, simply because of their long hair and beardless faces, so Haldir had no illusions that this would be different. Still, he did not want to admit any weakness to the captain, and simply grumbled* I'm a warrior - I can take care of myself.

Jack I like your spirit lad. I'm sure you would give them a good run. Lets make sure you do not have to, savvy? * He bowed his head as a bell rung up on deck. He was needed.. probably the Navy being spotted and tailing them to see why they had terried so long. He opened the door.* I like you, elf. You've earned my respect. Not many do. Do not take it lightly. * With that, he slipped from the cabin, closing..but not locking.. the door behind him.*

Haldir: *Haldir sat on the bed for a while yet, staring at the door that closed behind the colourful captain. For a long time he sat thinking about everything that had happened, before he slowly crawled back under the blanket. The situation he found himself in, seemed more difficult by the minute, and his heart was heavy with grief for everything he had lost. Slowly, the tensions in Haldir's body began to give way to exhaustion, and - inevitably - the tears he had been holding back. Without making a sound, he pressed his face down in the pillow and allowed the tears to run freely - weeping helplessly for almost an hour before he fell into an exhausted sleep.*
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