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Sep. 1st, 2006 @ 02:30 am CHAPTER THREE: The Evil Pirate
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CHAPTER THREE: The Evil Pirate

Haldir: Haldir walks two steps behind Jack as they get up on deck, and eyes the men around him hesitantly. Most of them are staring at the ship they have just sighted, ,but a few are also throwing glances in Haldir's direction, stares Haldir cannot read. He has a strange feeling about it all as Jack tells him about the other ship... and is grateful for the bow and arrows that lie below.* Just let me know when and where, and I will hit it, *he says in a low voice to Jack, so that only he can hear.*

Jack: *Jack staggers on deck, his black kohled eyes flicking about as he shouts orders to his men. He is aware of the looks that are sent Haldir's way but says and does nothing. So long as they remained looks, there was no harm. He could hardly blame his men for being wary of such a stranger. To press the issue with them would only confirm that the elf was as strange as they all thought. Jack snatched his spyglass from Gibb's hand and peered through it at the following ship.* She's gaining.. Probably saw the same wreckage we did and is under the impression we took all the choice bits first. MORE SAIL! I'm in no mood for a quarrel today men! Haldir.. go fetch your bow lad.

Haldir: *Haldir nodded wordlessly to Jack and ran back down below to the cabin, grateful to get away from the suspicious stares. The bow still lay wrapped in cloth at the bottom of the crate, but Haldir knew it was one before he had even touched it, recognizing the shape. When he tore the cloth off, he stood staring at it for a moment. This was no ordinary galadrim longbow - this was... BELTHRONDING, did the elegant writing say, intertwined in the carved pattern of wines on the side. Beleg Strongbow's old bow! It had to be the finest bow he had ever seen! With trembling hands Haldir tore the quiver of arrows loose from the cloth - there were extra long, white feathered arrows, hundreds of them in bundles beside the full quiver. This was excellent! Haldir strapped the quiver on, grabbed the long bow in his hand and ran back up on deck.* I am ready, Jack.

Jack: *Jack turned and the moment he saw Haldir with the bow, he knew the elf was in his element. He seemed just a bit taller.. a bit more proud. Smiling, the sun glinting off two gold teeth, Jack clapped his hand on Haldir's arm and looked skyward.* Ye see that nest up there? Tis called a crows nest and tis where I will need you when the ship pulls along side.. IF the ship pulls along side. We are trying to outrun her. *Glancing over his shoulder at the rapidly gaining ship.* Highly unlikely. Up ye go lad! *Jack gives the elf's bottom a smack and hands him the rigging to climb.* Ye not afraid of heights, are ya?

Haldir: *Haldir grinned back at Jack* Afraid of heights? I have lived my entire life in the treetops! *With that, he shouldered the bow, grabbed the mast and simply ran straight up it, hand and foot - without the need for ropes or ladders. When he reached the underside of the crows nest, he simply jumped, grabbed hold of the reiling of it, and swung himself into it. Totally oblivious to any stares from below, he was not aware that he had done anything out of the ordinary. Instead, he nocked an arrow and looked down at Jack, awaiting his orders.*

Jack: *Even Jack's mouth hung open. When Haldir peered over the edge at him, Jack's jaw snapped closed.* Hm.. Lad is a natural. *The Roamin Lord was close enough now that Jack could see it's captain walking the deck. He went to the stern and declared himself.* And what have I done to deserve the honor of your presences today, Captain Murphy? *After a moment, the other reponded. 'I demand to see what it was ye found in that wreckage, Jack. We pulled up a good haul ourselves, but I suspect you took the choice bits!' * Jack smirked and pointed to the crowsnest.* Indeed I did. And he's sitting up there with an arrow aimed straight down at ye. Why dont YOU show US what it is you found and we might let you keep it. *The other captain growled, looking up at Haldir, not being able to see anything odd about him from that distance.* "Wise Jack. But I think we'll be keeping it.

Haldir: *Haldir rose up so the other captain could see him clearly as he aimed the arrow on him, his eyes scanning the people on the other ship, watching for any unexpected movement or attack. He almost held his breath when he heard captain Murphy say he had found pieces of the wreck himself, and wondered what it could be. Maybe Jack would demand of the captain to hand it over... He certainly hoped he would.*

Jack: *Jack knew after seeing the strange glowing orb that had nearly possessed Haldir, that whatever Murphy had found could be dreadfully important. His lip twitch. They were at a stalemate. Murphy seemed to sense this too and smirked as he added.* Why dont you come over to my ship, Jack? We can talk.. privately. Maybe come to some agreement? *Jack shivered. He really did not trust Murphy one drop, but he could hardly let the other pirate wander off with something important.* Aye.. fine.

Murphy: *Murphy gives Jack a mock bow, and an overly flourished wave to indicate he was waiting for Jack to enter his ship. The two ships were now stern to stern, so close that a person could easily cross between them*

Jack: *Jack swallowed. It was not often that he left the protection of his ship to go aboard another. He smirked and sauntered aboard the Roamin Lord, flashing smile at the other crew. He wrapped an arm around Murphy, all friendly like and wandered toward the hold.* Now.. you show me yours n I'll think about showing you mine. *Jack gave a look back up at Haldir and nodded as he saw the elf keeping a close eye.*

Haldir: *Haldir didn't leave sight of Jack for a second. He intensely wished he could go onboard himself, to see what things the other ship had rescued, but he knew Jack wanted him where he was, and right now, it was the only place he would be safe. It had not passed him by how the men on their own ship now stared at him... and he didn't trust them.*

Murphy: *Murphy greeted Jack with an exaggerated bow. He liked to think he was a dapper swashbuckler, although - to tell the truth - he was a cruel and arrogant person. Now, he lead Jack along the deck, hoping to get him to follow him below. For a long time, he had wanted to get back at Jack for that time he had stolen the treasure Murphy and his men had found on a remote island, from right under Murphy's eyes. It was several years ago now, but Murphy never forgot - or forgave - a humiliation. If he only could lure Jack below, out of sight from his men and that archer in the crows nest.... *If you would step below to my cabin, Jack!

Jack: *Jack wiggled his fingers nervously, casting another halfhearted smile at Murphy as he balanced himself right at the threshold of the cabin's door.* We're mates now, savvy? Live and let live? No hard feelings and all that? *He really hoped that whatever was in that box below was worth it. He suspected Murphy was up to something rank and foul. He was larger than Jack.. nearly everyone was. He got a shove for his pains and darkness of the lower deck swallowed him up. The Roamin Lord was a newer ship than the Pearl. It had, infact, been a naval ship before Murphy had taken it over.* I like what you've done with the ole girl. Now.. about that box..

Murphy: *Murphy's hand closed around Jack's shoulder as they entered the darkness below, holding him in a firm grip.* Of course we are mates, *he said in a sweet tone, so artificial that he sounded like a snake having swallowed a bucket of honey.* You aren't afraid of me, Jack? Bygones are bygones. *Murphy shook his head so his well groomed ponytail of blond hair bounced from shoulder to shoulder.* We are all alone down here - except for the cabin boy of course, *he grinned, and gave Jack a push through a door to the right.* Right in here...

Jack: *Flashing another nervous grin* Aye.. I had noticed that. Found a replacement cabinboy then? Good.. *He made a quick look around the room and was relieved to see the box actually WAS down here... he tried to head for it, but Murphy's strong hand held him back.* I must tell ye, our box had little more than the bow you saw the lad with and a few strange books in a language no one on my ship knows. Rather disappointing, really. Though the lad is a teasure in himself... *he left out the palantir and several other small trinkets.*

Murphy: So the lad is a treasure in himself, is he? Thinking of making him your own personal cabin boy then, Jack? *Murphy made no secret of his own taste for young handsome boys, although they had a tendency to run away - or die when he grew tired of them - whatever came first. Murphy smirked at Jack as he gestured towards the crate he had found.* This cabin boy won't betray me to help you steal my gold, *he said, more brusquely.* This one is... loyal. *There was a tone to the last word that indicated that LOYAL could mean quite a few things, including being a bodyguard.* He is keeping his eyes on us right now - have no fear. *Another grin, and Murphy approached Jack by the box. * Its not much in here... a wash basin and a small box I cant open. why dont you have a look at them and see if you can make something out of them.

Jack: *Jack momentarily forgot how dangerous Murphy was, lost in the exploration of the box. He picked up the wash basin and turned it over. It was made of marble, but other than that held no fascination for the pirate. It was certainly not worth risking his life over. He did find the little box to be interesting though and ran his fingers over it. It seemed to not have an opening.. * No key? No key HOLE.. Very interesting. You'll be wanting this then? What might I give in trade? Maybe a case of rum?

Murphy: *Murphy grinned widely and rubbed his hands. He had something Jack wanted. Now THIS was a situation he liked! * Soo, *he said lazily, pretending he couldn't care less about the box* ... so you want the box, do you? Even if it has no key hole? *He arched a brow at Jack* I think that means that you KNOW how to open it, don't you? *His brows furrowed, and he suddenly looked rather sinister* I think we could agree on a price for that box, don't you? First, you tell me all you know about the ship that lost these crates, where it came from and where it was going to. Second... *he glanced at Jack to see how far he would go* .... I could need another cabin boy. How about that archer of yours?

Jack: *Jack's throat tightened. He'd not expected that last demand. His mind worked quickly to try and come up with some way out of the situation he was in.* I can tell you all I know about the ship.. but the lad stays where he is. After all, you have a ... loyal.. cabinboy. Wouldnt want to upset him now, would you? *Murphy had worked himself closer to Jack and the smaller pirate found himself caught between the table and a warm thigh. * The ship the lad was on... was nothing overly intersting. He charterd it from.. England.

Murphy: From England, eh? With books written in a language you don't know? And a silver blond lad with a long bow? *Murphy shook his head slowly, his blond ponytail, bound with a large, peackock blue silk bow, dancind from side to side.* Do you think i am stupid? *His eyes glinted black and dangerous* You'll have to come up with a better story than that, or I'll let my cabin boy.... show you to my cabin. He LOVES thresomes, he does... *Murphy pressed closer to Jack, breathing down in his face, feeling himself already growing hard with anticipation of what he could do to him. Rape, bondage and violence turned him on like nothing else could, and he had wanted to breach jack's tight ass for years*

Jack: *Jack pressed both hands up against Murphy's chest as the air between them began to get more intense. * Alright, perhaps I was a bit off on the facts. Truth is, there is no truth. I dont know where the boy is from. Seems to be some mystic or something. The books are from whereever he's from. I could give ye one of those if you'd like. *He wasnt sure Haldir would appreciate that, but anything was worth a try. Especially since he had just felt something very hard poking him in the hip and he knew it was not a spyglass.* I shall be getting back to my ship now.. *He tucked the small box into his pocket and attempted to leave.*

Murphy: Not so fast, Jack! *Murphy scooped Jack towards him, trapping him again between the table and his body.* This little box must be very valuable, since it doesnt even have a key hole. Much trouble to make a box like that - you dont use it to keep your spare change in. *His hands fingered on the edge of Jack's pocket where the box was.* Of course you must understand that a box like that won't go cheap. A book full of things I can't read, wont be any good for me unless you give me the lad who can read them for me.... THEN I will consider it. Of course, you could always buy it another way.... *Suddenly, he grabbed at Jack's ass and pushed him towards him, leaving no doubt to exactly what he meant.*

Jack: *Jack knew exactly what Murphy wanted. He may have played a fool, but he was none. Jack took a deep breath.* You're absolutely right. The box and the boy need to be together. But Ive already pledged my honor to helping the boy find his way home, so that cannot be broken. *He was being pressed hard against the table now and the sudden jerk sent the now empty box to the floor. Luckily the basin had been laid aside. There was no way out of this now save to throw the elf into his own place. Jack refused to do that.. though he was not sure why. * Ye drive a hard bargin..

Murphy: So - what's it gonna be then? *Murphy asked roughly, already rubbing his hard bulge against Jack's groin.* Your ass - or the boy's? *He nodded towards some shackles that hung from the roof beside the table.* Whatever you choose, it'd better be a tight virgin ass - or there'll be no deal at all.

Haldir: *Meanwhile, Haldir was looking anxiously at the door where Jack had dissappeared. He had been away for quite some time now, and his men were growing restless, muttering among them. Had something happened?*

Jack: *Jack looked toward the shackles and shivered. He had no way of knowing if the elf was a virgin of course, though he suspected he might be. Regardless, he knew Murphy and knew that he could be merciless. It was best to just get it over with.* If ye swear to me that once you get what you want, I'm allowed to return to my ship, WITH the box.. and we sail away. Do we have an accord? *Jack shoved back against Murphy and walked toward the shackles.* Do we really need these? I dont like being so.. bound.

Murphy: *Murphy grinned widely, now that he realized he would finally get a chance to pay Jack back for what he had done to him. He made a small gesture of his hand behind his back, and an atletic young man brandishing two sharp daggers soundlessly entered the room behind them, and locked the door.* When I - AND my cabin boy - have had enough of you, we will let you sail away with the box. I promise. *A red tinge of arousal was already colouring Murphy's cheeks under the blond brows, and he licked his lips wantonly.*
Murphy: The chains stay. They arent for YOUR comfort... but for mine, *he grinned*

Jack: *Gritting his teeth, Jack looked at the cabinboy as he entered. *That was not in our agreement! * He had little choice. The door was locked now even if he left the box, he doubted Murphy was letting him leave with his honor intact. Swallowing hard, he backed himself up until he hit the wall.* I am honored that you think I am so dangerous..really I am.. but tis completely unnesissary, I assure you!

Murphy: On the contrary. The chains are completely necessary - to keep you in place, Jack. *Murphy had put aside his pretences of honeyed sweet now, and spoke roughly. The cabin boy suddely came forwards and grabbed one of Jack's hands, smacking a shackle around his wrist. Then he grabbed for the other hand. Murphy just stood there, watching them, with a hand inside his peacock blue silk knickers, rubbing himself slowly.* Come on now, Jack - the sooner we start, the sooner you can leave.

Jack: *Jack danced his hand about as the cabinboy tried to catch it, but finally he let out a sigh and allowed himself to be bound into the chain. Only then did he notice what Murphy was doing. HIs eyes grew larger and he tugged at the shackles with all his might as the reality of what was about to happen hit him fully.* Now mate.. we can do this.. just take it slow, aye? Ye said it yerself.. virgin. Meaning me..

Murphy: ARE you really a virgin, Jack? *Murphy asked slowly, walking up to him after the cabin boy had fastened the shackles so Jack's arms were up over his head. With an almost lazy movement, he pulled at the string at the top of Jack's shirt, and it fell open. Eagerly, he tore the sash off, and ripped the lacings of his trousers open.* Now... do you care much for these...filthy garments... *Murphy scrunched his nose at them* ... or can i CUT them off you? * He lifted a small, sharp dagger and traced the waistband of Jack's leggings.*

Jack: *eyes wide* If you mind, I would like to keep them. After all, it would look ill for a captain to return to his ship with nar a stitch of clothing... * The cool air hit Jack's chest and his heart began to race. Over Murphy's shoulder, Jack could see that the cabin boy was getting just as excited as his master. The boy had pulled himself out and was making ready with long strokes for Jack's pleasure. Jack panted now, trying to escape the hands that touched him.. but not enough to get cut by the blade at his waist.* Easy now.. I rather not become a eunich.

Murphy: So it would be embarrassing for you if you should return to your crew, stark naked and with my seed running out of your arse, would it? *Murphy grinned from ear to ear, almost coming right there from the immense joy it would be to have Jack humbled so thoroughly.* I'd say that would be a just price to pay, given you already owe me for that Madeye Island treasure, now dont you agree? *Without waiting for a reply, Murphy resolutely cut Jack's pants apart from the waist down to his knees and tore it off him like it was made of paper*

Jack: *Jack winced at the mention of the treasure. To be fair, he HAD really taken quite a fortune from Murphy. He was, in a sense, paying top coin for the right to fuck Jack. The cut and rip of cloth brought Sparrow back to the present and watched as the last shread was removed, leaving only his open shirt hanging on his thin body. Scars peppered Jack's thin body, for he'd not had an easy life, regarless of his carefree nature. He was strangely silent now, feeling completely out of his element with his maleness in full view.* Fine, fine.. lets get this over with..My crew will be wondering where I am.

Murphy: Your crew knows that youre down here, bargaining with me. They will know better than to disturb their captain while he is doing business. My crew will keep them from interfering, *Murphy replied, almost casually, while his dagger made short work of the lacey shirt and tossed the remains to the floor with Jack's other clothes. The cabin boy was just tugging his boots off aswell, until Sparrow was completely naked, except for his bandana.* Well, well, well... *Murphy said and took a few steps back, to fully admire the sight of Jack Sparrow, hanging naked from his chains.* You DO look a little worse for wear. You'd better pray your arse ring has been in less use than the rest of your body, or i may need your archer as well.... *His voice sounded dangerous*

Jack: *Hissing dangerously* You'll have me and nothing else, curr! That was the deal! And I promise you, I am unmarked where you care. A captain doesnt give.. that.. lightly. *Jack hung in the cabin, swaying slightly with the rocking of the boat. He couldnt meet Murphy's hungry stare now, but felt himself harden despite his own fears. He watched the cabin boy come closer and jerked back as the youth touched him.* I thought it was captains first?

Murphy: Relax, Jack, *Murphy growled hungrily in the background.* He is just going to move your chains... you are to best use for us when sprawling over the table. *The cabin boy gave Jack's cock a few strokes as if wanting to turn him on, but then suddenly pulled at a chain so Jacks arms lowered. Then the chain was jerked over the frame of the table, where a couple of shackles revealed that the table had been used in this way before. When Jack's body was spread eagled (is that the right expression?) over the table, both Murphy and the boy approached him from opposite ends*

Jack: *Now Jack felt entirely surrendered. His own length was trapped against the table and he knew he was presenting a nice target for Murphy. He sucked in his breath as hands ran over him and touched his buttocks. He was glad now that he'd not brought Haldir on board with him.* Oil? Murphy... Do NOT forget the oil!

Murphy: Oil? *Murphy laughed harshly as he grabbed Jack's ass cheeks with both hands and pulled them apart, widening the crack so he could get a good look at the puckered muscle.* Are you a spoilt little brat? A mommy's boy`? *He poked the star tentatively with a finger, checking how tight it was. The cabin boy had situated himself in front of Jack, having let go of his pants, and jerked Jack's face towards his stiff erection. Behind Jack, Murphy dropped his trousers and finally let his own cock out of its confinements. Jerking it a few times in sheer longing for what he was about to do, he asked his boy* Bill? Do we have any.... oil?

Jack: No Captain, never had a need for it. Oil is expensive. *Bill sneered, glad that for once he was getting to give and not receive. He smacked his cock against Jack's lips and then gripped the pirate's jaw, pushing the tip to his lips. Jack kept them clamped closed until Murphy's finger poked him roughly. Jack yelped and Bill took the chance to shove forward and fill the warm mouth. Failing as much as the shackles and pressure of Murphy would allow, Jack tried to avoid the inevitable. He knew this was going to hurt.. hurt worse than just about anything he'd suffered so far.*

Murphy: *Murphy gave Jack's puckered ring a last probing poke with his finger, apparently approving the way it resisted being breached. Then he placed the blunt tip of his rigid cock to the little star, and with a firm grip on Jack's buttocks, he pushed violently forwards. At first he didnt break through the tight muscles, and with a satisfied loud grunt, he pushed again, this time managing to get a little bit further.* Aahhh, you're tight, Jack... I might just believe you really ARE a virgin...

Jack: *If Jack did not have his mouth full of the cabin boy's cock, he would have screamed...or swore.. or both. Unforturnately the forced entry made him open his throat more and Bill pushed himself in upto the soft golden curls of his loins. Jack arched, trying to move his rear away from the blunt weapon that sought to peirce him, but he was only able to delay it a moment. Murphy finally caught him and pushed in hard enough to part the resisting muscle. Tears of pain leaked from Jack's eyes and he felt the organ go even deeper. *

Murphy: Arrghh... yess... *Murphy groaned, louder now, as he felt the muscles give way. A combination of jerks and pushes drove him slowly deeper, until he felt himself completely buried in Jack Sparrow's body.* This is where I have always wanted to have you, *he gloated - and then he leaned heavily over Jack and rutted - rode him wildly and hard like an animal, enjoying every time he felt another rip being made - until the passage was slickened by blood. Meanwhile, Bill was mirroring his master quite successfully, rutting Jack's face until he was deeply down his throat with every trust. Between the harsh groans, Bill managed to say* Master... I think he is enjoying it too much...he's crying of joy...

Jack: *Chills ran through Jack as his body was used in ways he'd never imagined possible. The pain that had torn through him as Murphy broke him in was blinding and Jack had actually drifted a bit between conciousness and not. He was fully awakened however, when a specific thrust hit deep inside and sent a bolt of pleasure through his torn body. He cried out, choking on Bill as he clawed the desk, breaking fingernails. The horror came again, battering against his prostate and making Jack's tears actually become of pleasure and not pain. His eyes rolled back and his throat seemed to constrict on its own around Bill's cock, bringing the cabin boy closer to his release. Even in this state, Jack knew Murphy had a long way yet to go before he was satisfied. *

Murphy: That's a good lad, *Murphy moaned between trusts, but whether he meant Jack or Bill was unclear.* Let him take everything you got, Bill... and make him swallow every drop. *He made a few more trusts, angling them exactly where they caused Jack to contract around him.* I know you're likin it, Jack... I can feel it. You're getting off on pain, aint you? I bet i can make you come around me without even touching your pitiful little... *He broke off with another groan*

Jack: *Jack hated himself for it, but Murphy spoke the truth. Jack was finding he actually liked this taking. He'd never willing let anyone touch him like this, though he'd had a few secret fantasies of a certain Naval officer once or twice.. but now that he was experiencing it, he couldnt deny that he was about ready to cum as hard as he ever had while inside someone else. He could taste Bill now.. the beginnings of his release building. Jack moaned and tightened his rear, milking Murphy as the captain slowed down and plowed his tight passage. Bill was moaning now too.. and thrusting harder, grabbing Jacks braided hair and jerking it hard. He winced.. and trembled.*

Murphy: *Without warning, Bill flooded Jack's mouth with seed, moaning and whimpering while he trust hard a few more times and then grew limp.* Good boy! *Murphy groaned again, feeling himself twitching delightfully with every move from Jack.* You're a quick learner, Jack...ahhh....I would almost think you'd done it before, if your ass hadn't been so tight.... ahhhh.... *His voice was hoarse and gruffy, almost unable to form words now. His every trust was angled directly against the spot inside Jack that caused contraction after contraction around his hard cock. Although Murphy was well experienced in these matters, and was able to last quite some time, he found that the sheer triumph of finally having Jack's ass, caused him to approach his climax faster than he wanted.* Come on, Jack, *he groaned* Come around me... i want you to squeeze me... make me come..

Jack: *Now that Bill had stumbled back spent, Jack's mouth was free.. he gagged a bit, but had swallowed most of Bill's semen and was still trying to catch his breath as Murphy hit his nerve again.* AAHHHHFUCK!! You seasucking bastard! I will NOT come for you! * But Jack's fingers curled around the edge of the desk and he fought hard to make it not happen. Murphy pressed up hard into him, rocking his penis right over that pleasure zone, almost tenderly and Jack lost it. He arched, sucking air as his hips jerked and pulsed. He knew his anus was sucking hard on Murphy now and he whimpered in desperation. One more thrust did it. Jack screamed, dragging his nails along the desk as he felt a river flood breaking out under him and making his flesh and the desk sticky.* FUCCK NOOO!

Murphy: FUCK YESSSS! *Murphy ecchoed Jack's scream triumphantly when he felt Sparrow's body jerking, sucking, squeezing, convulsing around him. THIS was why he preferred virgins and their tight little holes. The violent, almost painfully tight cramping around him was what it was all about... what made him come stronger than anything else. Jack's tightening ass pulled his climax from him, milking him thoroughly for every drop he filled him with. Murphy howled in delight during his climax, pushing into Jack so violently that he almost pushed him off the table, and then collapsed on top of him, groaning and panting.*

Jack: *Jack didn't move. Beside the fact that he could not because of the weight of Murphy over him, he just didnt have the energy left. He felt sore and dirty and was horrified as he felt Murphy's now satiated cock slip from his ass and a rush of spent seed drip down his thigh. He wanted to vomit.. He tried to gather himself.. to be Captain Jack Sparrow.. but it was hard when ever inch of him felt like gutter trash. His lips were parched and he saw a bottle of half drunk rum that had been knocked over during their fucking, but still had a small bit inside.* If yer done.. I'd really like a drink..

Murphy: *Murphy rose, slowly and lazily, and gazed down on Jack's ass. It looked thoroughly fucked and torn, with a mixture of seed and blood dripping out of it and down his inner thighs.* Now, Jack... be patient. I have paid to see you like this, and Im going to enjoy the sight. *Bill came around to look at Jack's ass too, and chuckled.* I recon his crew will be really pleased to see their captain like this, master, *he said happily to Murphy.* Yes, it will be a sight they won't forget for a while, *Murphy laughed.* It will be the talk in every inn in Carribbean. Jack Sparrow takes it up the ass. Pays for loot with his backside. *Roaring with laughter, Murphy stepped back and casually wiped his bloody cock on the remains of Jack's clothes.* Get up, Jack! You'll get your drink in a minute.

Jack: *Jack rolled up off the desk, but he was visibly in pain. The bounce and roll that was usually in his step was replaced with a ginger step and his face was slack and devoid of mirth. He snatched at his clothing, wrinkling his nose at the sight of the blood and semen wiped onto it. *Ye got what ye wanted. Now.. let me go. *Then he remembered and lifted one finger to add.* With the box!

Murphy: Take your bloody box, Jack. *Murphy was quickly losing interest in him now that he had gotten what he wanted, and was busy adjusting his own clothes until he was once more impeccably dressed.* Bill, open his chains and give him a sip of the rum bottle. *Murphy casually picked Jack's weapons up from the floor and looked at them without interest.* You wont get these back until you have entered your own ship... I'm sure you understand why. *Without another word, he stuck Jack's weapons down in his own belt, unlocked the door and left the room.*
I'll wait for you on deck, *he called from outside*

Jack: *Jack was left alone with Bill and as the boy unlatched his manacles, Jack dove for the rum, forcing it down his throat as fast as he could.. partly to get rid of the taste of the cabin boy.. and partly to get drunk and forget what had just happened. Smirking, Bill left, but not before grazing Jack ass with his fingers and pinching him once more there. Jack growled at him, the fire back in his eyes and Bill ran for his life. Jack snorted and quickly redressed... as much as he could. He stole a pair of Murphy's pants and though they hung low on his waist, they at least covered his modesty. Last, he took the box.. and headed up on deck. As soon as the sun hit his eyes, he could see his crew, through his squint eyes, and how relieved they were to see him emerge. Jack flashed them all a smile, though inside he still felt like he'd been kicked by a donkey.* So then, we're square?

Murphy: *Murphy was waiting on deck, in front of all his men, the dapper swashbuckler act was up again. He gave a bow with much flourish, and said - quite loudly:* Yes, we're square for now - unless i have more things you would like to buy. And... since you are so eager... should we come to you EVERY time we find a wreckage? *The last sentence was said very sweetly, and in pure mockery. Murphy's eyes shone with mirth, triumph and gloat, as he ceremoniously handed Jack's weapons back to him with another flourish.*

Haldir: *From up in the crow's nest, Haldir watched intently, wincing as he saw Jack's tattered clothes and the gingerness in his step, and he guessed at what had really been going on. Silently, he nocked an arrow, ready to fire if Jack gave a sign.*

Jack: *Jack was thankful his skin was dark from the Caribbean sun and hid the flush of blood that tinted his cheeks.* You ruddy bastard. I hope you enjoyed it, for it will not happen again. * He snatched his weapons back and without another word, crossed over to his own ship.* GET YOU ALL! Make ready for sail! I want miles between us! *Jack ignored all eyes that were on him and went straight to his cabin. He knew the elf would come down and follow him and also knew that no other would dare. He tried to ignore the smirk grin on Murphy's face as the ships began to part.*

Murphy: *Murphy shot Jack a last triumphant grin, before he ordered his men to get the ship ready, and slowly the ships glided apart, Murphy smiling widely while his crew, having already heard the story from the cabin boy, sent roars with laughter after the Pearl until they were out of earshot.*

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